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Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to take your final steps, the Career Center has resources to help you succeed at any stage. You can also meet with your Graduate Career Coach who has specific expertise to provide you with individualized support to help you in your professional transition.


Select a pathway below for tools & resources for each stage:

I want to explore careers,
and develop professional
experiences and skills.

I want to find jobs,
develop applications,
and grow my network.

I want to apply for jobs,
meet employers,
interview, and negotiate.

Meet Your Career Coaches

Francine Mahak, pHd

Engineering, Science, Mines & Earth
Science, Medicine: Research Groups,

Provisional Coaching:
 Health, Nursing, Social Work, Public Health


DAN Moseson, PhD

Humanities, Fine Arts, Architecture
+ Planning, Education: ECS, ELP

Provisional Coaching:
Social & Behavioral Sciences,
Education: Ed Psych, SPED, UITE




As you prepare for the road ahead, having a mapped out timeline with action steps can help you to stay on track.


Prioritizing Self Care

School can be a lot of stress and pressure, which is why prioritizing self-care is crucial to your success. Review the
variety of FREE resources available to you at the U of U!

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