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Need a little extra motivation to start your career journey? Sign-up for one of our Career Courses to have career exploration and progress built-in to your daily schedule! Whether you’re looking to get credit alongside other students, or to navigate a course on your own, we have something for you.

Self-Paced Courses

We are excited to launch our new self-paced courses! These courses are available completely online and at your own pace. They are non-credit and instead of an instructor, you will find pathways that offer additional support outside of the course beyond the module content.

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The Self-Paced Courses require registration. Please allow 3-5 business days to be added to the Canvas course.
Any questions can be directed to Sarah Kovalesky.

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Jump Start Your Job Search

Course Description

You will engage in a self-paced course that navigates the basics of a job search. This short course will focus on introducing you to U Career Success, the aspects and how to search for a job, how to complete basic application materials, and interviewing. By completing this course, students will be able to navigate the basics of a job search and apply them to future searches.

Considering & Applying to Graduate School

Course Description

Graduate School is a process that can be long and very nuanced depending on the individual. Higher than a bachelor’s degree, an advanced or graduate degree is generally a master’s or doctorate degree. There are innumerable academic master’s and doctoral degrees covering at least as many areas as undergraduate degrees. This course serves as a comprehensive foundation when it comes to considering and then applying to graduate school.

For-Credit Courses

Add these courses to your schedule using the CIS Course Registration Portal at your assigned registration time. For more information on how to register for classes, see this guide.

Career Exploration – UGS 1950

Online Course | 1 Credit | Half Semester

Course Description

In this course, you will engage in hands-on career exploration and self-discovery activities. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create and pursue an individualized action plan toward your current and future career goals.

Job Search Strategies – UGS 3950

Online Course | 2 Credits | Full Semester

Course Description

This course will help you prepare to apply to internships and post-graduation options, including jobs, graduate programs, fellowships, and more. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to continuously create and pursue individualized action plans toward your current & future career goals.

Careers Internship Program (CSIP) – UGS 4950

Online Course | 1-6 Credits | Full Semester

Course Description

The Career Services Internship Program (CSIP) allows students to earn academic credit for an internship. While participating in the course students will be asked in real time to reflect on their experiences, learning objectives, connect with their professional network, and apply their skills and knowledge to various career development topics.

More information and enrollment information for CSIP is available here.