Finishing Up

your final steps

As you near the end of your time as a graduate student, the Career Center hopes you will take advantage of the various resources that can help you prepare for your next professional endeavor. Whether it's a full time job, academic research, or a teaching track, the recommendations below will help you confidently reach your next destination.


1.  Target Your

Ensure your documents align with
the job description, so your application stands out.

Sample Docs


 2.  Apply for

You can apply within 6 months of graduation. Check employer’s website to ensure posting is active.

Career Shift


3.  Interact With

Be ready to converse with
employers at events by having an “Elevator Pitch".


Additional Steps

Practice Interviewing

Practice Interviewing

Some essentials to prepare for an interview:
  • Know the employer: what they do, what they care about, challenges you can help them solve.
  • Articulate your case in a summary of your most relevant strengths for the job, with an example of how you have demonstrated each.
  • Express why you want to work specifically with their
  • Anticipate behavioral questions (“Tell us a time when you managed x challenge”) by knowing when and how you have solved multiple types of challenges.
  • Practice ahead. For virtual interviews, pre-check equipment and reception, eliminate background distractions, and make sure your face is well lit and centered. Look at the camera to show direct eye contact.
  • Prepare well; then enjoy the conversation: you and they are simply exploring the match.

More tips

Prioritizing Self Care

School can be a lot of stress and pressure, which is why prioritizing self-care is crucial to your success. Review the
variety of FREE resources available to you at the U of U!

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