Internship Experiences: Daisia Sanders

From our continuing series of posts highlighting University of Utah students’ experiences in spring and summer internships.

By Daisia Sanders, Senior, Strategic Communications Major, Psychology Minor

Can you juggle athletics, 15 credit hours, a part-time job, AND an internship?

As someone who experienced juggling college athletics, a summer internship, and 15 credits of classes, I can say it was extremely challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Without a doubt, it took a lot of time management, dedication, and a clear sense of priorities.

What are you working/have worked on in your internship?

As an intern for Good Things Utah, my responsibilities are diverse and exciting. I was involved in the behind-the-scenes production process which entailed writing promos and articles that are published on ABC4’s website. I also assisted with guest coordination, while helping to gather information and materials for the host’s interviews. I had the privilege to work on set and help with tasks that ensured a smooth production process for the show. I loved participating in the morning meetings to observe how ideas are developed, refined, and brought to life on live television.

What do you wish you would have known before starting your internship?

I wish I would’ve known more media terms before starting my internship. I didn’t know what a “tease” or a “promo” was. I was expected to write these!

How have you grown throughout this experience?

Time management became my most important skill. I had to meticulously plan my day and make a schedule for myself that accommodated my practices, work shifts, internship hours, and class/homework time. To stay on top of my courses, I planned specific study blocks to help me stay on top of my schoolwork.

How has the internship affected your career plans/goals?

I soon recognized that my internship was not all about the tasks I performed but was also about building connections and networking. I learned to take advantage of every opportunity to interact with every professional in my career field.

What advice do you have for students looking to pursue an internship?

Start early! Don’t leave your applications to the last minute. The more time you give yourself to research opportunities and prepare your application materials, the better off you will be. Also, look for an internship that aligns with your goals. Clarify the skills you want to work on, then narrow down your search and find internships that align with those aspirations.

So yes, it is possible to juggle athletics, 15 credit hours, a part-time job, AND an internship. You can do anything you put your mind to, don’t be afraid to do it all and chase your dreams!