Top Tips for Job Searching During COVID-19 

By Megan Randall, CPDC Career Coach  

If you’re wondering how to job search during COVID-19, you’re not alone. Many people are asking themselves this very question. For this reason, we’ve put together these tips to help you keep your job search active during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Have an Optimistic Mindset 

Try to think positively about your job search. While some employers have slowed or stopped hiring, Glassdoor found that U.S. job postings in industries such as the government, biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and nonprofits have tripled in response to the Coronavirus. Many companies are also now recruiting for remote positions and timely in-person opportunities locally. You can view several  opportunities here and login to Handshake to see more.  

Keep Up Your Job Search – Don’t Give Up! 

If you haven’t started your job search, start right away. Apply regularly and consistently. If you continue searching, you’ll have an advantage over those who have decided to stop.  

Tap Into & Grow Your (Virtual) Network 

Most people find jobs through networking, so spend time making new connections and reviving old ones. Ask individuals to meet over the phone or video. Be active on professional networking websites like LinkedIn and the University’s free AlumniFire platform. Update your professional profiles, make connections, share and comment on articles, and join discussion groups to strengthen your presence.  

Reflect on How You Stand Out 

Reflect on your unique skills and experiences and plan how to articulate them to employers. In the wake of the Coronavirus, think about highlighting your remote work/project experience, program management and problem-solving skills, and how you would function well independently and on a team as a remote employee. Seek out professional development like online courses, trainings, and certifications to enhance your skillset.  

Prioritize Quality over Quantity 

Since fewer jobs may be available, it’s more important than ever to make each of your job applications count. Research each organization, then use your research to tailor your resume and cover letter for each application. Show employers how you match what they are looking for to increase your likelihood of getting an interview.  

Anticipate Delays in the Hiring Process 

Now that many employers are working remotely, in-person interviews may be on-hold or now be held virtually. Ask employers about alternatives to face-to-face interviews. Practice interviewing by phone and video to prepare, such as by using StandOut’s free video mock-interviewing platform 

Be Patient and Follow-Up 

Continually express to employers that you’re excited to move forward in their hiring process. Follow-up consistently and politely and ask about updates and next steps. While your job search may feel like it is out of your control, remember that you DO have control in the follow-up process.  

Take Care of Yourself! 

It can be hard to take care of yourself during your job search, especially when you can’t leave your house easily. Schedule time to unwind and recharge so you can keep your energy up and stay optimistic. Find time for things that bring you joy and comfort.