3 Reasons to Attend a Virtual Career Fair

By Kayla Turbyfill and James Christensen, CPDC Career Ambassadors

Job searching and networking can be super intimidating, especially with how digitized job searching has become. The CPDC is here to make your search easier and help you find different ways to approach the career world.

Now that our fall 2020 Career Fairs will be virtual, you may be wondering why you may want to attend one. The experience is yours to design, and it is of no cost to you! Still need a little more convincing?

Here are a few more reasons to attend a Virtual Career Fair this fall:

1. Connect with Employers

Engaging in a Virtual Career Fair is a perfect opportunity to meet and meaningfully engage with employers in a low-stakes networking environment. Career Fairs are designed to create a positive experience between job seekers and potential employers. Keep in mind the old saying, “It isn’t about what you know, it’s about who you know.” At a Career Fair, you can build your network with company representatives who are used to working with student job searchers who are exploring their options. This is a more relaxed way to begin building your network if you are introverted and may feel out of practice in the professional world. Remember, any and all questions are welcome at Career Fairs – that is what the employers are there for – and the possibilities are endless! Additionally, attending a Career Fair can also be a great place to explore or validate potential career paths you want to pursue.

2. Low-Stakes Practice in Professionalism 

Discover your professional side and get comfortable introducing yourself in a friendly virtual environment. Practice interview questions and learn what employers are looking for in their new hires. Discover what does and doesn’t work when you are interacting with professionals in a virtual setting. When you have gotten your practice in, you can ask employers for their feedback.

3. Show Up. Stand Out. Get an Interview for a Job or Internship on the Spot!

A common misconception is that virtually interacting with employers will not help you stand out, when the reality is that making a good first impression in a virtual setting can make a huge difference. As applications and hiring processes become more and more digitized, interpersonal interactions between job searchers and employers are becoming even more meaningful. By making the extra effort to attend a Virtual Career Fair, you will stand out among other candidates, and company representatives may even offer you an interview on the spot! This could mean you’ll have an interview the very next day and you could get a new job or internship within a week!

Remember, as you consider attending a Virtual Career Fair, you will reap what you sow. This is your chance to practice networking and presenting yourself to employers in authentic and effective ways.

For additional help preparing, attend Session 1 or Session 2 of our Career Fair Prep with Peers program this fall and read more about our Virtual Career Fairs here.

We hope to see you there!