Gratitude and Growth: Maverik’s Impact on the Development of U Career Success

by Val Castillo Ramos

In the constantly evolving field of higher education and career development, the role of corporate support is nothing short of transformative. Today, we would like to express gratitude to Maverik for sponsoring the U Career Success office.

Through sponsoring the U Career Success office, Maverik is able to extend their generosity to impact the lives of many University of Utah students. Their interest in supporting higher education and cultivating the new leaders of tomorrow is a testament to their commitment in advocating for their community.

And special thanks to Crystal Maggelet, who made this impactful sponsorship possible.

photo of a Maverik-installed recognition at the U Career Success Center

History of U Career Success

Previously, Maverik has sponsored Business Career Services in the installation of their original office located in the Spencer Fox Eccles Building. Business Career Services was previously the student career services office for the David Eccles School of Business. Last year, Taylor Randall made a decision to improve student career services by expanding Business Career Services and the Career & Professional Development Center to create U Career Success. U Career Success is a center accessible for all students to have resources in the development of their career aspirations.

To accommodate the expansion of U Career Success, more space was needed to provide room for the expanded staff, increased amenities, and improved resources. The generous donation from Maverik helped create a space suitable for U Career Success to accomplish their goals.


What U Career Success Has to Offer

The entrance to the U Career Success Center

Located on the first floor of the Robert H. and Katherine B. Garff Building, U Career Success has increased and improved the services provided with the Maverik sponsorship. Including but not limited to:

Access to career coaches that assist with any career-related goals, including finding internships, career exploration, mock interviews and much more. Career coaches help support students in their career endeavors as they make their transition from academia to the professional world.

An expanded career closet that offers a wide range of business professional clothing for students to rent for interviews, presentations, and career fairs. Giving students the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear ensures they feel well-prepared for their career advancement opportunities.

Installing video studios, sound-controlled rooms for virtual interviews, video resumes, etc. In a post-COVID world, there's been a shift from in-person interviews to more remote interactions. It’s crucial for students to have access to a reserved space with the necessary equipment to create the ideal virtual experience.

All services provided by the U Career Success Office are to increase the support for students in their professional ambitions. Thanks to Maverik, U Career Success can continue to provide the best resources attainable for all students.

The Importance of Supporting U Career Success

Having a dedicated space for career development is essential to elevate students as they approach professional opportunities during their time at the University of Utah and post-graduation. It is no secret that the cost of higher education is increasing. To give students a greater return on investment in their education, U Career Success is dedicated to preparing the next generation of workers into strong professionals in their field of study.

This is why the contribution to the U Career Success Office from Maverik resonates so much with University of Utah students. Their impact will directly feed into the lives of students as they shape the trajectory of their career development and open doors of opportunity. It goes beyond statistical measures, the impact is felt with each individual triumph of the student body. It is the increased confidence when they conclude a successful interview, it is the excitement when they find the perfect internship, it is the relief they feel when they have a support system dedicated to helping them reach their career aspirations. These are the individual triumphs that the support of Maverik has made possible.

“U Career Success has helped me a lot with knowledge on how to create a good resume, how to network and achieve different skills on how to search for and gain new job opportunities in my future.” - Braden Reed, senior studying Film and Political Science.

“I think it is great to receive that help, and this sponsorship can help grow the name and presence of this center to make it more available to students!” - Rohan Siddamsettiwar, freshman studying Computer Science.

Wall art at the U Career Success Center that says "Create your future"

 The Future of U Career Success

As we look to the future, we can expect the impact of the U Career Success center will continue to grow as they increase their outreach throughout campus. If you would like to be involved with the thriving development of the U Career Success Office and create an everlasting impact with our students, please contact Denise DeCoite to learn more!


Val Castillo Ramos is a sophomore at the University of Utah studying Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations with an emphasis in Marketing. As an intern for U Career Success, she enjoys creating marketing material for the office and appearing on the “Hey U!” podcast. She hopes to pursue a career in digital marketing or marketing strategy in the future.