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Student Internship Research Project

University of Utah Deans, Faculty, and Campus Academic Partners, your role is critical in this university initiative to understand, enhance, and expand student internship experiences.  The purpose of this study is to both examine the current factors influencing student engagement in internships, and gain an understanding of the change in workplace knowledge and professional (career) readiness through internship experience. 

Director of Research, Dr. Phil Gardner

The University is collaborating on this important study with Dr. Phil Gardner, who is Director of Research for the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. Dr. Gardner has been with MSU for 25 years with a Ph.D. in Economics/Public Policy. His major areas of research include the transition from college to work, early socialization and career progression in the workplace, workforce readiness, and other areas related to college student studies.

Please work with us to coordinate students involvement in this survey for any internship experience (credit or non-credit). 



The University of Utah views an internship as the following:

“College-to-career investments: We will increase internships that connect classroom learning to external settings, using a new approach to career services that links departments and colleges to a network of shared resources. Our aim: Enable every student to participate in an internship experience.”

Credit: Clearing the Path: A strategic student success agenda, January 2018