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U Career Success is here to support and empower students with diverse identities. While we understand that identities are intersecting and not binary, we created this page to help you navigate the workplace as your true self.

Undocumented Students

As a DACA or undocumented student, you bring so many great skills and abilities with you to campus. The below resources are to help you navigate the unique experiences and obstacles that you may face in your job or internship search. Your first step should be connecting with the Dream Center. Here are some other resources to help you:
  • Immigrants Rising-  Provides financial support, educational partnerships, information and resources to help undocumented young people navigate life, make informed decisions, and pursue their educational and career goals.
  • UtahDACA- DACA resources in the state of Utah. Includes financial resources for Dreamers living in Utah, community and legal resources, as well as a list of DACA advocates.
  • My (Un) Documented Life- Community for undocumented immigrants, including scholarship opportunities, strategies for navigating the educational system and information on how to apply for DACA.


We recognize that content shared above is not exhaustive, and that resources on identity are continually evolving. If you would like to share comments or suggest new resources to help improve this page, please email careersuccess@utah.edu. We welcome your feedback anytime!