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Early Experience: Your U of U Advantage

Real-world experience combined with university classes makes your degree more powerful. But how to make it over the entry-level hurdle: "How do I get experience when I don't have experience?" We've got you! The U opens doors to opportunities that get you started gaining career-relevant experience, no matter where you are now. You'll acquire skills and create industry connections which open doors to future projects, research, and internships—and ultimately lead to your dream career.

Get Paid While You Grow

The U offers a range of paid internship experiences to springboard your successful career journey. At the same time, you’ll provide much-needed support to organizations on and off campus that are making Utah a better place to live and work. Thanks to government and donor support, you’ll be paid for your vital contribution to a variety of non-profits, state, county, and local agencies, or area small businesses. Build your resume experience right from the start!

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Paid Experiential Learning Programs at the U

first-year through sophomore
Community Champions

Get paid to intern or work on projects for local/regional small businesses and non-profits.
Program launch: Summer 2025.

$13 per hour, up to 19 hours/week for 10 weeks


first-year through sophomore
Goff Explorers*

Engage in a mentored professional experience as part of a business leadership course.
Available Spring and Summer semesters.

$500 scholarship, 5-7 hours/week


first-year through senior
Step Up

Receive financial support while completing an unpaid internship that benefits your career plan.
Available Fall and Spring semesters.

$13 per hour, up to 19 hours/week for 11 weeks


sophomore through junior
Utah Service Corps

Intern through the Hinckley Institute, working to address societal challenges and build more equitable communities.
Program launch: Fall 2024.

$3,000 in scholarship money and $2,160 in wages/living allowance


sophomore through senior
Learn + Earn

Receive financial scholarship for holding on-campus positions while taking steps to graduate on time and career ready (undergraduate).
Available Year-round.

$3,000 stipend/year


junior through senior
Goff Trailblazers & Goff Scholars*

Work in a project-based class to lead small groups helping real companies.
Available Fall and Spring semesters.

$1,000 scholarship per semester


*Participation in Goff experiences requires current enrollment in the corresponding course.


If you have questions or need more information about any of these programs, please feel free to reach out!