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Leave your legacy by letting us know what you're doing after graduation. It only takes 2 minutes!

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Why should U complete the First Destination Survey?

  1. Boost the Prestige of Your Degree: Your participation in the Next Step Survey contributes to our placement statistics. This can elevate the ranking of the University of Utah, benefiting you and your fellow alumni for years to come.
  2. Create Your Legacy: Your time at the University of Utah has been a defining moment in your life’s journey. By completing this survey, you are creating a legacy for future Utes, allowing them to learn from your experiences, insights, and choices.
  3. Help Your Fellow Utes: Sharing your journey can help fellow Utes make informed decisions about their own paths. Furthermore, your responses provide valuable insights for the university to enhance its career development and support services.
A photo of the black, gold, and red cords awarded for completing the survey

Next Step Survey Complete your Next Step survey either before or at Graduation Extravaganza to earn this honor cord! 2-Minute Survey

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