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CPDC recognizes that equity and inclusion has historically not been considered part of career development work, however we are committed to operating through a social justice lens to provide inclusive and accessible career development programs to our campus community.


Black lives not only matter, they are worthy, loved, and needed. In CPDC, we acknowledge that our work is situated within the context of higher education, a U.S. institution built on a legacy of white supremacy, colonization, and slavery.  We also recognize our office operates within a predominantly white institution, in a predominantly white state, on stolen land.  Specifically, the Bannock, Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshone, and Ute peoples lived on the land that is now considered Utah.  We must confront this legacy of white supremacy and the context we exist within in order to dismantle racism.  In CPDC, we recognize that equity and inclusion have historically not been considered part of career development work, and that the term “professionalism” has long been rooted in oppressive belief systems which have further oppressed People of Color for the past 400 years. We are committed to providing inclusive and accessible career development for our campus community which honors students’ identities and we know we cannot achieve this unless we operate from an anti-racist framework.  As a team, we are united with the Black community and call for meaningful systemic change.  We are committed to increasing our knowledge of social justice, while also taking decisive action to be anti-racist.    

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