Reflect and Evaluate

Planning Your Future - A Visualization Exercise

If you’re still exploring options and unsure what makes the most sense, this visualization exercise may help reveal some unconscious parameters.

Have a friend or career coach read the following imagery for you, or read through the exercise first and then imagine it on your own.



Value Based Decision Making

Have a couple of options you could pursue? Determine what decision most lines up with your values using this simple analytical approach. This exercise will help you work through your personal values and career priorities, so you are prepared to make the right decision.

Values & Priorities Option 1:
Work in health education
Option 2:
Appy to medical school
Importance Probability Value Score Probabilty Value Score
1. Giving back to society 4  5  20  4 16
 2. Lifelong learning  1  2  2  5  5
3. Financial Stability 3 2 6 3 9
4. Family will respect me 2 2 4 5 10
TOTALS 32 40




Not sure about a decision you are about to make?  A pro/con list can help you dive into more detail and really explore if a decision is right for you. Pro-cons are best when you just have 1 decision in front of you.

Pros - the potential positive outcomes of the decision

  •  Opportunities for long term advancement
  • Salary $5k more than I wanted
  • Team members are supportive

Cons - the potential negative outcomes of the decision

  • Long Commute
  • Workload would be heavy - long work weeks? 
  • Boss may be a micro-manager

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