Graduate Students

Meet Your Career Coaches

Francine Mahak, pHd

Engineering, Science,
Mines & Earth Science, PMST,
Medicine: Research Groups


Cathy tingstrom, PhD

Social & Behavioral Sciences,
Health, Nursing, Social Work,
Public Health. Education:
Ed Psych, SPED, UITE



DAN Moseson, PhD

Humanities, Fine Arts, Architecture + Planning, Education: ECS, ELP
(M.Ed. Student Affairs Emphasis coach is Anna Renzetti.)



Graduate Student Pathways

Your Master’s or PhD training and experience provides you with valuable and transferable skills such as advanced analytical and problem solving, critical thinking, project design/management, and collaboration, all of which are highly desirable in the workplace.

You have many resources available, including Graduate Career Coaches with specific expertise to provide individualized support as you prepare for your professional transition.

Getting Started

I want to know how to get connected to graduate student tools and resources.

Making Progress

I need help pursuing experiences that complement my studies.

Finishing Up

I want to be prepared for my job search or the presentation of my thesis.