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Job Offers & Salaries

Receiving an Offer

What Do I Do When I Get an Offer?

  • Say thank you, with enthusiasm and add that you are delighted to consider their offer!
  • Give yourself time to research benefits/salaries and weigh other options
  • Ask for the offer in writing
  • Ask when the employer needs your decision
  • Give the employer your decision before the deadline you’ve been given or – last resort – request an extension on the deadline for responding to the offer
  • Stay in communication with the employer as long as you’re considering the offer

Know the Lingo

  • Commission - remuneration for services rendered or products sold often calculated on the basis of a percentage
  • PTO - Paid Time Off
  • 401k - a pension plan provided by your employer
  • Company Matchemployer’s potential payment to an employee’s 401(k) plan dependent on the extent of an employee’s participation in the plan
  • Signing Bonusa sum of money paid to a new employee by a company as an incentive to join that company
Last Updated: 6/28/18