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Interviewing is a two-way street that allows employers to assess your fit for a position and the organization as a whole, and allows you to assess the position and the company’s fit to your values, interests, and professional goals. Regardless of the format (phone, video, or in-person), use these resources to help you succeed in the interview process.

Interview Preparation Steps

Learn as much as possible about the organization & the job itself:

  • What is the organization’s mission & vision?
  • What kind of content do you see on their official website & LinkedIn company page?
  • Has the company been in the news recently?
  • What projects or initiatives are they currently working on?
  • How big is the organization & where are their locations?
  • How much do you know about the workplace culture?

Tip: Find alumni working at the organization on LinkedIn - they could be a great resource for you to learn more about the company.

  • Reflect on your skills, interests, values, previous experiences, and personal traits.
  • Be comfortable sharing the accomplishments you’ve built in work, academic, and extracurricular positions.
  • Anticipate common questions
  • Take a mock interview in UCareerPath.
  • Schedule a mock interview with a Career Coach. 
  • Prepare response for common questions.
  • Suit: Wear a two-piece matching suit in navy, dark grey, or black. A pant or skirt/blazer combination is also an appropriate option. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, wear hosiery in neutral or sheer shades.
  • Shirt: A long-sleeve, collared, button-down shirt with a tie is appropriate. For those who prefer a blouse, knit sweater, or shell, those are also appropriate.
  • Shoes & Socks: Match your belt to your shoes. Wear dark colored socks and professional business shoes, professional-looking heels (low enough for you to be comfortable), or flats.
  • Grooming: Jewelry, accessories, and make-up should be minimal and professional. Avoid perfumes or colognes. Fingernails should be clean and tidy, with any polish in a neutral color. Persons with facial hair should be clean shaven or have well-groomed facial hair, and long hair should be neat and conservatively style (that means tidying up that man-bun, guys!)
  • Never wear: Shorts, sandals, t-shirts, miniskirts, low-cut blouses, leggings, large jewelry, platform heels, clown wigs, or fake antlers.
  • Bring a padfolio with copies of your resume
  • Write down names of interviewers or get business cards so that you can follow-up
  • Arrive between 5-10 minutes early, and anticipate potential mishaps (Where do you park? Who can you call if you get a flat tire on the way? If you’re interviewing over video, what happens if the audio goes out?)
  • Don’t be the first to bring up salary or benefits.
  1. Send a thank-you note within 24 hours by email.
  2. Inquire about next steps in the hiring process.
  3. Deal with job offers appropriately:
    1. When offered a job, react with enthusiasm and appreciation. Then ask for time to consider the offer fully.
    2. Clarify compensation package and get offer letter in writing.
  • Explore salary negotiation strategies.
Last Updated: 6/28/18