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After the Interview

Write your impressions immediately

  • Note their questions and your answers. How can you improve next time?
  • Record important dates and key information

Send a thank-you note within 24 hours by email or standard mail

  • Thank them for the interview
  • Remind them of the positive points discussed
  • Expand or clarify any issues from the interview
  • Indicate how you will follow up

If you’re invited to a second interview

  • Remember The second interview will be different from the first
  • Ask about the format
  • Prepare NEW questions for specific people

Prepare for a site visit

  • Clarify agenda, travel and lodging and expense account details with whomever is arranging the details
  • Plan your attire based on proposed activities

Deal with job offers appropriately

  • Clarify all compensation, bonuses, benefits, stock options, vacation, travel, training, etc. and get a letter confirming the arrangement
  • Compare to national and local statistics
  • When offered the job, react with enthusiasm and appreciation.  Ask for time to think about it if you need to
  • Explore salary negotiation strategies. Ask your Career Services counselor or visit the Career Exploration Center
Last Updated: 6/28/18