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Write Strong Bullet Points

Employers are interested in your results - not your responsibilites. Make sure you demonstrate how your skills have led to specific results to show transferable value to employers.

Duties and responsibilities vs. Results

Duties and Responsibilities Results
Was responsible for sales in UT and ID

Increased sales in UT and ID by 57% in three months, despite a reduction in sales force

Saved money on corporate benefits

Researched long-term disability insurance and found a package that would save the company $7,000 annually

3 Steps to Writing Strong Bullet Points

  1. Start with a strong, specific verb that speaks to the strength or skill you want to highlight.
  2. Provide specifics so the employer can visualize the setting – include answers to who, what, how many.
  3. The most important piece is to show how what you did had an impact – focus on the result and share how it was positive for the organization or individuals you worked with. Quantify your results when possible.
Step 1:
Action Verb
Step 2:
Who/What/How Many?
Step 3:
Designed and implemented a training program for sales staff of 35

which clarified procedures and increased competency

Organized numerous social, educational and service projects 
aimed at providing opportunities for psychology students to become acquainted with their field
Planned and implemented 

five programs per semester to assist transfer students 

learn about university resources

Writing Strong Bullet Points Worksheet

 If you're stuck, use our worksheet to brainstorm ideas. 

Last Updated: 6/28/18