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Lay the Foundation to Work Abroad

  • Increase your International IQ by engaging with local non-profit organizations and ASUU student groups involved in international affairs.
  • Stay up to date on international affairs by reading international news publications, fiction and non-fiction. Don't know where to start? The State Department has a great list of suggested reading.
  • Take courses on international topics, such as religious studies, history, geography and anthropology.
  • Learn a foreign language.
  • Use Handshake to access GoingGlobal which has country guides, and cultural advice that will help you job search internationally.
  • Volunteer through the Bennion Community Service Center with their international service opportunities.

Find International Opportunities

  • University of Utah's Global Internship Program through the Hinckley Institute. Global internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines in dozens of countries. Academic credit and significant funding are available for fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • has job and internship listings with U.S. and international non-profit agencies.

Volunteer Abroad:

  • Amigos de las Americas trains and provides opportunities to participate in service projects in Latin America.
  • Engineers Without Borders works on low-cost, small-scale, replicable and sustainable engineering solutions to problems identified in developing communities across the world.
  • Habitat for Humanity offers an International Volunteer Program that allows people to volunteer for several months at their overseas offices as well as the Global Village Program which sends groups abroad for two-week volunteer trips.
  • International Rescue Committee helps thousands of refugees resettle in the United States every year.
  • Somali Community Development of Utah works to empower refugees and immigrants to achieve a new meaningful life in communities in which they settle while preserving their culture.
  • United Planet is an international non-profit that builds a closer world through sustainable intern and volunteer abroad programs in over 35 countries.
  • YouthLinc encourages young people to develop a commitment to humanitarian service locally and abroad. Sponsorship available.

Can't Go Abroad? No problem.

Check out these local opportunities that will still provide you with an international perspective. 

  • Ascend provides development assistance through education to empower communities in need to achieve sustainability and end the cycle of poverty. Utah internships include: accounting, fundraising and grant writing, event planning, public relations and marketing.
  • Catholic Community Services manages Refugee Resettlement, Basic Needs Services and Treatment Services programs all aimed at helping people regain their lives.
  • HELP International  specializes in public health, education, and entrepreneurship/ business. Internships, volunteer, and professional positions.
  • International Rescue Committee posts jobs that allow you to help refugees integrate into the Utah community.
  • LDS Church offers positions that focus on the international mission of the church.
  • Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy connects Utah to the world through a variety of exchange and educational programs.
  • World Trade Center Utah posts positions on Handshake, but you can sign up for their newsletter the Global Utah Weekly.

Want a Job in a Specific Area?

Business and Foreign Policy

Education/Teaching Abroad

Government and Federal

  • African Development Foundation offers unpaid internships for undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates who have an interest in Africa.
  • Central Intelligence Agency offers domestic internships for undergraduate and graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds.
  • European Union provides unpaid internships in Washington, DC and New York.
  • International Atomic Energy Agency has internships for students who have completed two years of full-time study at a university or who have completed a degree program within the last two years.
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development offers placements for current undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of majors.
  • National Security Agency offers the Washington, D.C. Summer Language Program which gives students the opportunity to sharpen their language skills while working as an apprentice to a senior NSA language analyst.
  • Peace Corps offers worldwide opportunities for "the toughest job you'll ever love.”
  • USAID offers both paid and unpaid internships for undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of majors.
  • USAJobs provides a listing of all U.S. government positions both domestic and international.
  • U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom offers unpaid internships in communications, policy analysis, legal research, and government relations.
  • U.S. Department of State  offers government U.S. Foreign Service careers and internships.
  • U.S. Trade and Development Agency has internships in their regional programs of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, as well as Congressional and Public Affairs and Economic/Evaluations offices.


  • Doctors Without Borders  employs both trained medical professionals and non-medical aid workers to assist in short term relief programs for people in crisis.
  • Global Health Council has a job board for global health professionals.

International Development

  • Action Against Hunger  is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.
  • Development Executive Group  mid to senior level professional positions in international development and business.
  • Habitat for Humanity seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.
  • HELP International  specializes in public health, education, and entrepreneurship/ business. Internships, volunteer, and professional positions.
  • International Rescue Committee provides emergency response through post-conflict development work to provide humanity and hope to people around the world.
  • ReliefWeb  provides a job bank with postings in the humanitarian and development sectors.
As you search for your next job, we want to help ensure your safety.  Unfortunately, we continue to see a number of employment scams targeted at college students. Some of these scams appear in more obvious places such as Craigslist or KSL Jobs and sometimes a few even make it past our screening processes onto the Handshake job board. Therefore, we are sharing common “red flags,” - things that alarm us in postings, so you too, can attempt to identify such scam and fraudulent job postings. Please always use your own discretion when applying to a position or interacting with a potential employer. If you are in doubt about an opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact the Career & Professional Development Center at 801-581-6186. Common Red Flags:
  • The business name is not easily identifiable and no clear business website is listed. Or, if there is a website, there is no substance to the content.
  • The email address of the ‘recruiter’ doesn’t point to a business website and/or is a Gmail, yahoo, aol, etc. address. Another indicator is if their email domain name doesn’t match the business they claim to be working for.
  • The employer offers to send a check to you to deposit into your own account. You are told to keep a percentage of it for your own pay but are then asked to withdraw cash, using it to pay for various items that they ship to ‘clients’. Or you are asked to immediately transfer funds from your account to the ‘employers’ business accounts. After the check clears (which can take a few days to a few weeks), they are discovered to be fraudulent.
  • The job is advertised as high-paying, no experience necessary, work your own hours, work at home and so on – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!
  • The job duties described are vague and/or the language is poor and full of grammatical errors.
  • The job duties entail clerical work at home, typing, shipping packages, and personal assistant/shopping duties. Oftentimes the employer is out of the country and never actually interviews or meets you face-to-face.
  • The employer requires you to pay money or a ‘membership fee’ in order to access opportunities.
Resources for You
  • If you have encountered a fraudulent posting, company or organization in Handshake, please contact the Career & Professional Development Center via phone (801-581-6186) or email so the posting can be investigated and appropriate action taken.
  • If you have been a victim of a scam, we encourage you to immediately contact the local police; the police are responsible for investigating these incidents regardless of whether the scam artist is local or in another state.
  • If you have sent money to a fraudulent employer, we encourage you to contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately.
  • If the incident occurred completely over the internet, you may also file an incident report with The United States Department of Justice ( and the Federal Trade Commission (
Ultimately, the best place for you to find employment is through Handshake or other reputable job/internship sites, which we are happy to help you with! If you are in doubt about an opportunity, again, please don’t hesitate to contact the Career & Professional Development Center at 801-581-6186.
Resources for international students searching for employment: International Student Resources


An internship is a short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization that increases your knowledge of a professional career field. It differs from a part-time job or volunteer experience in that an internship is designed to increase your knowledge, allow you to develop additional skills, and provides quality supervision to guide and mentor you.

Part Time Jobs, Internships, and Volunteer Positions- What’s the Difference?

  • Internships can take many forms - part-time or full-time, single or repeat experiences, paid or unpaid. Due to this, it's understandable that there is confusion about the difference between an internship, part-time job, or volunteering. The major distinction is that an internship has learning objectives or goals that serve as the foundation for the position. An internship should apply what you have learned in the classroom to a professional setting and, as a result, you'll gain skill, and/or in-depth knowledge of a particular industry.

What's the Difference between For-Credit & Non-Credit Internships

  • For-Credit Internships
    • For-credit internships allow you to earn university course credit while interning. Guidelines for earning credit vary by academic department. Your department may have specific criteria for their internships and will determine if your internship meets the necessary requirements to earn academic credit.
    • Cost: You are responsible for paying the cost of the credit/course with your tuition. Use the University’s Tuition Calculator to estimate tuition for the number of internship credits you plan to register for.
  • Non-Credit Internships
    • Non-credit internships are arranged and completed independently by you.
    • While these experiences are independent, we encourage you to seek positions that include a learning agreement outlining: what skills and knowledge will be gained, projects to be completed during the internship, the duration of the internship, identification of a professional supervisor and/or mentor, and clear expectations about compensation and hours.

Credit and Compensation are Not Synonymous or Interchangeable

  • All internships must provide mentoring, professional supervision, learning about the career field, planned learning goals regardless of whether or not the student earns credit or not for the experience. Only the University and the department granting the credit can determine if an internship meets the educational criteria necessary for academic credit. A quality internship does not exploit or take advantage of you, the student.
  • If you have an unpaid internship, we encourage you to review the guidelines outlined by the Department of Labor in the Fair Labor Standards Act and to ask your potential internship employer if they are aware of the guidelines. Most importantly, prior to starting, you should obtain a written learning agreement with your potential employer that outlines what they will provide in terms of compensation before accepting an internship position. If there are questions, seek clarification from the employer and/or guidance from your Career Coach in either the Career & Professional Development Center or Business Career Services.


Log into your Handshake account to access internship positions available at the over 5000+ employers that work specifically with the University of Utah to find top talent.

Other Opportunities

Capstone Initiatives courses integrate coursework, knowledge, skills, and experiential learning to enabling you to demonstrate your synthesis of knowledge in real-world applications.
National & Local Internships Global Internships Intern through the Hinckley Institute by participating in their National Internship Program, State Legislature Program, Local Internship Program,  Capital Encounter Experience, or Global Internships Program.
National Internships - CareerShift Search, select, and store job listings from all online job boards and company job postings. University of Utah students can use this resource for free.
College of Science Internship Program This program connects employers with eligible University of Utah undergraduate student interns who have a declared major in one of the departments of the College of Science (biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics & astronomy).
Global Internships - GoinGlobal Find country-specific career and employment information, including world-wide internship and job postings and H1B employer listings in this exclusive database.

Academic Departments

Look and see if your major department offers internship course credit. Internship course numbers and requirements vary by department.


Business Career Services Internship Program (BSIP)

Enroll in BSIP if you are a business undergraduate student interested in receiving academic credit for your internship, but your major does not currently offer credit for internships.


Careers Internship Program (CSIP)

Sign up for CSIP if you want to receive academic credit for your internship, but your major does not currently offer credit for internships.

Hinckley Institute

We provide exceptional internships for undergraduate and graduate students of all majors and disciplines. The Hinckley Institute of Politics places more than 350 students every year in local, state, national, and global internships.

Resources for International Students

International students interested in finding an internship or employment need to first speak with International Student & Scholar Services. Visit their website for information about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and current guidelines