Connect with Students

Let us help you recruit the best and brightest from the University of Utah's diverse pool of students. Please see our numerous options for you to source candidates, including career fairs, information sessions, and other tailored events to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

Career Fair

Attending on-campus fairs is the best way to connect with a large number of students and build your company’s brand on campus. With a Career & Internship Fair, a STEM Career & Internship Fair, and a Student Job Fair occurring each semester, you can easily find an event to suit your recruitment needs. 


Registering for a Career Fair

  1. Registration for each fair requires a Handshake account. If you do not have an account, you may create one online.
  2. Career Fair Registration will open in Handshake later this summer. Keep checking back. 

Choosing the Best Fair for Your Hiring Needs

Student Job Fairs

  • Employers offering part-time/full-time positions that do not require a degree, and volunteer opportunities
  • Average attendance of 500 students
  • Students seeking employment on and off campus while they attend school


All-Campus Career Fair

  • Employers offering professional internships and full-time positions that require a degree
  • Average attendance of 900 students
  • Students seeking internships and post-graduation positions that relate to all majors


STEM Career Fair

  • Employers offering professional internships and full-time positions that require a degree
  • Average attendance of 1600
  • Students seeking internships and post-graduation positions that relate to their degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Easily connect with students through on-campus interviews hosted at the Career & Professional Development Center, typically in the weeks surrounding the career fairs.  You may request these interviews through your Handshake account.  Also, please review our office’s Recruitment Policies to make sure we have a shared understanding of priorities and expectations.

A successful on-campus recruiting process takes four to six weeks from start to finish and includes the following:

  • Schedule on-campus recruitment interview date
  • Post position(s) and set selection criteria (major, degree level, graduation dates, work authorization, etc.)
  • Collect resumes/applications through Handshake
  • Invite and schedule student candidates to interview


Types of On-Campus Interviewing

  • Room Only
  • An interview room(s) is reserved for your use at no charge. You are responsible for identifying and scheduling candidates.
  • Preselect
    • An interview room(s) is reserved for your use at no charge. The interview session(s) must be aligned with specific job or internship opportunities posted in Handshake. You then specify both an application period and a signup period for the interviews and select primary and alternate student applicants.  Primary candidates are allowed to sign up before alternate candidates

Info Session

Each semester, we hold 8 – 10 Meet & Eats, which are a weekly form of the typical employer information session.  For the right employer, these sessions are the perfect place to build your brand on campus and share information about your organization's culture, benefits, career paths, and employment opportunities.  Meet & Eats slots are by invite only, but if you are interested in being considered for future slot, please contact your Employer Engagement Specialist.

Requests for information sessions that are not Meet & Eats are considered on a case by case basis.

Dates: Select Tuesdays from September - April
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM 

Give students a chance to see what working at your company would actually look like. Site visits allow you to be able to market your organization by showcasing your strengths in-person.  During the visit, you can choose to highlight various career opportunities, your recruiting processes, offer tours and allow exchanges of information between participants and company employees. If you have University of Utah alumni currently working at your company, we’ve found those interactions to be very useful where they talk about their experiences at the firm and participants can learn from how their journey has been like. We like to limit these groups to 15 - 20 students but are happy to work with you on logistics.

Participate in an employer panel and help students learn more about your organization and share your industry knowledge by answering questions. The idea of our panels is to put together shared perspectives of experts from specific industries and give them a platform to interact with students face to face and these have proven to be one of the best ways to increase the talent pipeline for employers. We offer several panels per semester and are happy to integrate you in the most appropriate one for your industry.

Serve as an interviewer for mock interviews to help students practice and refine their interviewing skills. Mock interviews are a great opportunity for you to provide real job interview experiences and feedback to our students, and it is a great way to promote your organization, increase campus visibility, and cultivate potential future candidates.

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To discuss which option best suits your recruiting goals, complete the interest form below and your industry specialist will contact you. 


Last Updated: 6/28/18