Dress for Success

Dress for Success

The Dress for Success Award (previously called Suit Up) is a financial award intended to provide U students with a financial need with the professional attire they need to pursue their educational and professional goals. We recognize that professional attire can be expensive, therefore this award will provide students access to a shopping experience, so they can shine as their true selves in whatever endeavor they are pursuing.

The Dress For Success application is accepted on a rolling basis, so that students can apply when they are in need of professional attire. Winners will be selected once-a-month starting February, 2020 and will be given an award to be used for professional attire at our participating JCPenny.

Apply today!

Please answer each question below accurately to be considered for the award. You will need to upload your resume at the end of the application. Applicants who fail to include a resume will not be considered for the award.

After submitting your application, remember to obtain one current letter of recommendation and have your reference send that to utahcpdc@gmail.com with the email subject, "Dress for Success: Letter of Recommendation for Student Name". You will be emailed by the 3rd Monday of the month indicating whether or not you have received the award. If you receive the award, you will be provided with further instructions for obtaining your professional attire.

Dress for Success
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