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The Career & Professional Development Center is here to support and empower all University of Utah students and alumni. We do this by believing that every person has value,  and their voice deserves to be heard. Our center seeks to provide an environment that is inclusive, accessible, equitable, welcoming, and comfortable to members of all communities. By doing this, we hope to build an inclusive culture with diverse perspectives. While we understand that identities are intersecting and not binary, we created a list of resources that we hope are helpful in navigating discussions around career development. Our staff have your back and are here for additional questions through 1:1 coaching.

Adult Learners


International Students


Race & Ethnicity



Students with Disabilities

Veterans & Service Members









*We use the asterisk to acknowledge that all of us have many intersecting identities, and no one is solely identified by any acronymed combination of letters, however long.

Last Updated: 6/28/18