CSIP (Careers Internship Program)

CareerS Internship Program (CSIP)

Sign up for CSIP if you want to receive academic credit for your internship, but your major does not currently offer credit for internships. To apply for CSIP please email cgold@sa.utah.edu

  • Be at least 10 hours per week for at least 13 weeks.
  • Involve a new, university-level learning experience.
  • Be related to your major or chosen career goal.
  • Have professional supervision.

Yes, and this internship must meet all the criteria (listed in FAQ #1) for approval.

The amount of credit you can earn for your internship is based on the learning potential of the work experience and how many hours per week you work. The maximum credit hours for a single internship is six semester hours for 30+ hours per week WITH excellent learning potential, relevance to your career path, and strength of learning objectives.

Work Hours/Week Maximum # of Credit Hours
10 1
11-14 2
15-19 3
20-24 4
25-29 5
30+ 6

The Internship course is Educational Psychology (ED PS) 3861. It will be listed as section 001. It provides upper-division credit but is not a course in your major department.

You can repeat the Educational Psychology (ED PS) 3861 course up to three times for a total of 15 credits combined. Each time you register must be for a different internship experience and requires approval from your career coach. You can only repeat the course if you finished your previous ED PS 3861 course successfully (earning credit) within the establish deadlines.

Check your DARS report, talk with your departmental academic advisor, and consult with an Academic Advising Center advisor to determine if Educational Psychology 3861 will help you meet graduation requirements.

Educational Psychology 3861 is a Credit/No-Credit course; you will not receive a letter grade.

Yes, you will owe tuition for the academic credit.

No, you cannot earn credit for experiences completed before registering for the internship. Credit is given only for new learning and experiences that take place after officially beginning the internship.

You will be required to submit written assignments through Canvas. The number and length of your assignments is determined by the number of credits you register for.