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Crimson Projects Overview

Experiential Learning Opportunities with Businesses

The Crimson Projects program is a new offering provided by Crimson Internships at the University of Utah’s Career Services office. Like an Internship, Crimson Projects provide students with experiential professional development, while companies enjoy early access to talented U students. As a special Internship program, Crimson Projects focuses deeper in the mentoring aspect in developing students, with learning objectives, while working on a specific need of the participating company.

The mentoring function involves a partnership between the U’s Crimson Projects team and each participating company. The Crimson Projects team provides assistance to company mentors who supervise the work of students, ensuring a successful outcome for the student and the company. Mentoring enables each student to learn as they work towards project deliverable objectives, with the goal of producing meaningful and valuable outcomes for the company, while extending the student’s academic knowledge into practice.

The partnership with participating companies provides benefits to students by through the learning objectives, which are complimentary to their academic studies through real-world experience. Businesses benefit from early access to talent as well as valuable project deliverables with including fresh innovation from some of the brightest minds soon to be entering the workforce.

Due to the deeper involvement required by the U’s Crimson Projects team, certain specialties are offered to ensure a valuable partnership and positive outcome for both the participating company as well as the student. Specialties will be continually added over time and as the program grows. The current specialties include:

  • Data Analytics, reporting, insights and research
  • Product management
  • Software development
  • Technology security

Upon acceptance into the program, participating companies may post project opportunities. The U’s Crimson Projects team reviews applicants and matches skillsets and academic paths with each project requirement. Each vetted applicant can then be interviewed by the company project mentors. Each project is followed up by the Crimson Projects team assisting with a successful outcome for companies and students.

Join the Crimson Projects Program

Companies can apply for Crimson Projects through the Crimson Intern Application.
Applications will be open soon.

Crimson project postings

Students can apply for Crimson Projects via the UCareerPath site.

Merit Medical

Finicity is a financial industry pioneer, with over 15 years as an innovator in Personal Financial Management and Consumer Financial Wellness, Finicity offers financial data aggregation to financial innovators through a data API.

This project will assess the “bridging stent” market opportunity in the United States for AAA procedures. Students will analyze the current sales data from IMS for AAA and utilize clinical literature to determine percentage of patients eligible for debranching. Students will then cross reference this with CMS data to determine how many patients were getting “bridging stents”. Team members are also required to understand the clinical needs of the bridging stent market, and to make a determination of the gaps that exist within the competitive offerings. A user specification of what the next generation of bridging stent should be is required.

Identify portfolio gaps and Assess the market opportunity in the United States. Project Scope: Work with product managers to analyze the current sales data from IMS for each of the Peripheral Intervention Franchise’s product verticals (Access, Angiography, Intervention, Drainage & Biopsy) and perform gap analysis. Identify any significant gaps and present a business case for filling those gaps within Merit’s portfolio. Present finding to Merit’s leadership team for consideration.

Identify opportunities for process improvement to increase profit margins and improve Merit’s ability to achieve its business goals. Work with management team to identify and prioritize process’ that can be improved to increase operational efficiency and increase profit margin. Once identified, students will map the current process including identification the entry points for inputs and exit points of outputs for the process. The student will then present recommendations to Merit’s leadership team for improving quality improvement, cost reduction and schedule acceleration, eliminating wasteful practices and maximizing the potential benefit from the expense associated the processes identified.

Assess the bone biopsy market to better understand the market size and opportunity with an existing product portfolio of products as well as determining next generational products. Project scope: Merit Medical recently acquired products in the bone biopsy field. The acquisition of this portfolio of products is new to Merit Medical and the company needs to better understand the call points, the purchasing, and the market potential for these products. This person would leverage market data reports, IMS product utilization reports, clinical articles & publications, to help articulate the true market size and utilization for bone biopsy. Compare the market opportunity with the existing product portfolio to determine fit, gaps, targeting, and future product development opportunities.


Finicity is a financial industry pioneer, with over 15 years as an innovator in Personal Financial Management and Consumer Financial Wellness, Finicity offers financial data aggregation to financial innovators through a data API.

This project will produce an inventory database tracking system in a given enterprise and will report on identified vulnerabilities relevant to the enterprise through data feeds from vendors, software providers and the NVD. Vendor feeds include Oracle, Microsoft, etc. who provide vulnerability data. The enterprise database would track operating systems, databases, application software, etc. and will report on the vulnerability information. Organizations struggle with managing their inventory and identifying applicable vulnerabilities. Students will be mentored by the head of compliance for Finicity as they work through this project to completion.

O.C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner helps organizations create great work environments by inspiring and appreciating great work. Thousands of clients globally use the company’s cloud-based technology, tools, awards and education services to engage talent, increase performance, drive goals and create experiences that fuel the human spirit.

Students on this project will perform research scanning for average online market prices (of brick and mortar retailers that have an on-line presence, (excluding Amazon and discounters) for 8-10k merchandise items OC Tanner buys and re-sells. This would include data analytics modeling, query creation and decision support driving the business. Students will gain experience on SAP, a popular Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Excel macros, pivot tables, formulas as well as real-world data. This project is non-paid. Time commitment on this project averages 10 hours per week. The mentor that will be working with students is the head of supply chain procurement with broad and established experience in supply chain management and analytics.

O.C. Tanner has built a large dataset of history preserving employee data covering employees within 279 unique companies. With this data you can see how a company fits together organizationally and how employee recognition flowed throughout the organization, which employees moved up the ladder, which employees left the company, how many times employees gave and received recognition, how long managers took to approve recognition, how much monetary value was associated with recognition given and received, and many more attributes about organizational structure over time and employee recognition. Students on this project will be exposed to people oriented datasets and will be able to explore insights from data under the mentorship of professional data experts.


Berkadia is a leading commercial real estate firm headquartered near Philadelphia.

Students on this CAM project will work with the Big Data team at Berkadia to learn and assist with various analytics in commercial real estate opportunities and industry movement, assisting mortgage banking and investment sales producers with key insights driving business optimizations. There are both paid and non-paid positions available in this project. Time commitment is on the order of 10 hours or more per week. The Corporate Academic Mentor that will be working with students is the chief data scientist, with Ph.D. in analytics from the Wharton School of Business, and deep experience in data analytics. Qualified students must have basic data skills with a desire to experience deep data analysis including modeling with R.

Students on this CAM project will work with the modern cloud-based technology stack of Angular2 and NodeJS, which will serve to migrate various commercial mortgage banking processes. Both front-end (Angular2) and back-end (NodeJS) experience will be provided, as well as full-lifecycle development including continuous integration and test-driven-development in and Agile framework. There are both paid and non-paid positions available in this project. Time commitment is on the order of 10 hours or more per week. The Corporate Academic Mentor that will be working with students is the platform architect for the company with deep expertise in scalable and modern full stack cloud software development. Qualified students must have JavaScript skills with either a desire to work on front-end or back-end software.

Connexion Point

ConnexionPoint, or CXP is noted on the Inc 500 as the fastest growing company in Utah for three years straight. CXP is a cloud and contact center company providing health insurers with innovative technology assisting them in making healthcare simpler for their members. Students on this CAM project will work in the data analytics organization assisting with report and dashboard creation with R and SQL.

These positions are non-paid. Time commitment is on the order of 10 hours per week. The Corporate Academic Mentor that will be working with students is the head of data management. Qualified students must have familiarity with SQL and R.

Larry H. Miller Dealerships

The Larry H. Miller Dealerships includes more than 55 dealerships in seven states representing 20 automotive brands.

Students on this CAM project will work on market research involving a retail customer experience study and strategy implementation that will involve front end digital merchandising and creating a negotiation platform to the back-end talent recruiting for digital era sales and service. Students will gain experience gathering requirements, analyzing business process flows including digital process design producing a complete solution implementation strategy for supporting systems such as marketing automation, leads management, cloud contact centers, digital retailing (online to store experience management), digital signage, mobile development, talent assessment and social recruiting, and technology services management. Students will also collaborate with manufactures such as Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Chevy as well as functional Sales, HR, Finance, Operations and IT management executives. The outcome will lead to technology solution implementation on Oracle's Eloqua customer experience management system, Domo analytics, .NET web solutions, iOS and Android mobile platforms. Also, exposure to all if not most of the automotive retail processes will be accessible to students.