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Connect with Professionals

Networking is about creating meaningful professional relationships. Networking with your contacts can help you to:

  • Explore careers - you can gather information about a job, career field, industry, or workplace so you can determine if it interests you.
  • Find a job - When you are actively looking for jobs, use networking to market yourself. By talking to people about your qualifications, as well as your positions and employers of interest, you may hear of job leads and other resources that you wouldn't find elsewhere. 
  • Be considered in the future - even if a position isn't currently open, networking will keep in mind as a potential candidate when a job does open up

Where to Start

  • Write down names of all the people you know, regardless of connections or professions. This list could include names that your career counselor has given you, as well as extended family and your friends' parents.
  • Join professional and student associations, which can be found in Career Info By Major.
  • Contact individuals in interesting positions or fields for an information interview. Remember the goal is long-term relationships so stay in touch! Follow up periodically either to share information—whether a website, article, or report— or touch base regarding your search.
  • Keep records - it will keep you focused and active. Note each time you are in contact with people and what kind of follow-up actions you need to take.

Additional Ways to Build Your Network

  • Polish your networking skills – attend our workshop
  • Connect with employers at Career & Professional Development Center events - find out which employers will be on campus to talk about their opportunities in Handshake.
  • Attend both career and job fairs and meet representatives from over 100 organizations.
  • Join LinkedIn to expand your online presence.


Last Updated: 6/28/18