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What is UCareerLink?

UCareerLink is a database for U of U students which contains all of the jobs, internships and interview schedules that employers share with our office. Some of the other UCareerLink features include:

  • Employer directory
  • RSVP to workshops and events
  • Ask-a-Professional database

Exclusive Resources

*Found under "Resource Library" in UCareerLink

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Non-Matriculated Students

Access to our job search tool, UCareerLink, and to appointments with our counselors is limited to students who are officially matriculated at the University of Utah. A non-matriculated student has permission to register for classes, but has not been admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student. Should your status change from non-matriculated to degree-seeking, we will be happy to provide the full range of our services. If you have questions about your status and eligibility for services, contact the career counselor for your major:

UCareerLink: Find jobs and employers

Schedule Appointment

After logging into UCareerLink, click “Make Appointment” on the left-side navigation bar. Select your counselor from the drop-down menu, hit “Search,” and then select a date/time that works best for you.

If you don't know your career counselor, visit Career Info By Major and select your major to view their contact information.

Last Updated: 7/22/14