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Data includes information reported by students on the First-Destination Form between May 2012 – May 2016.


Major Degree Job Title (# Hired) City State
Atmospheric Science Masters Geophysicist (1) Houston Texas
Finance Bachelors Oil Field Hand (1) Williston North Dakota
Geoscience Bachelors Seismic Engineer (1) Houston & Paris Int'l
Geoscience Bachelors Support Geoscientist (1) Houston Texas
Mathematics Bachelors Geophysicist (1) Houston Texas
Mathematics Bachelors Marine Field Geophysicist (1) Int'l
Mathematics Masters Geophysicist (1) Houston Texas
Mechanical Engineering Masters Mechanical Engineer (1) Salt Lake City Utah
Petroleum Engineering Masters Modeling and Simulation Engineer/Software Engineer (1) Katy Texas
Psychology Bachelors Field Service Supervisor (1) Kenai Alaska
Last Updated: 3/12/18