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Data includes information reported by students on the First-Destination Form between May 2012 – May 2016.


Major Degree Job Title (# Hired) City State
Art & Art History Bachelors Assistant Department Manager (1) Salt Lake City Utah
Art & Art History Bachelors Customer Service Representative (1) St. Louis Missouri
Business Administration Bachelors Sales Associate (2) Salt Lake City Utah
Communication Bachelors Assistant Manager (1) Murray Utah
Communication Bachelors Service Experience Specialist (1) Salt Lake City Utah
Economics Bachelors Merchant in Training (1) Seattle Washington
Film and Media Arts Bachelors Service Experience Admin (1) Las Vegas Nevada
French Bachelors Stylist (1) Murray Utah
Health Promotion & Education Bachelors Sales Associate (1) Salt Lake City Utah
International Studies Bachelors Retail Management Intern (1) Murray Utah
International Studies Bachelors Stylist (1) Murray Utah
Management Bachelors Assistant Manager (1) Salt Lake City New Jersey
Management Bachelors Customer Service Lead (1) Salt Lake City Utah
Last Updated: 3/12/18