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College of Social Work

Social Work

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Course Number(s): SW 4702- Social Work Practicum
Grading Scale (i.e. C/NC):  
Course Co-Requisites &/or Required Grades: “C” or better in SW 4782 AND SW 4301 OR SW 4401
Number of Credits that can be Earned: 12 credits
Course Pre-requisites: BSW Major, all required BSW courses
Minimum Class Standing &/or GPA: Minimum GPA of 2.35
Academic Work Requirements (i.e. evaluations, final reports, or course requirements specified by instructor)  
Does internship course credit count toward major requirements? Yes
Can non-majors receive credit? No
Additional Information (repeats allowed, approvals needed, etc.) Students are required to complete the Field Practicum Application and the Practicum Placement Process during the semester prior to entering the field experience.
For internship policies in this department, please contact  
Name: Dr. Ruth Gerritsen-McKane
Title: Field Director 
Campus Address:  


Last Updated: 7/20/16