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College of Architecture + Planning

Urban Ecology

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Course Number(s): CMP 4954
Grading Scale (i.e. C/NC):  
Course Co-Requisites &/or Required Grades:  
Number of Credits that can be Earned: 2 credits
Course Pre-requisites:  
Minimum Class Standing &/or GPA:  
Academic Work Requirements (i.e. evaluations, final reports, or course requirements specified by instructor)  
Does internship course credit count toward major requirements? Yes- Capstone course
Can non-majors receive credit?  
Additional Information (repeats allowed, approvals needed, etc.) Must be a declared major 
For internship policies in this department, please contact  
Name: Zach Franzoni
Title: Academic Advisor
Campus Address: ACH 235
Phone: (801) 581-7175
Last Updated: 7/27/16