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Let us help you recruit the best and brightest from the University of Utah's diverse pool of students. Plesae see our numerous options for you to source candidates, including career fairs, information sessions, and other tailored events to help you achieve your recruitment goals.

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Career/Student Job Fairs

With an average attendance of 1500 students who have an average GPA of 3.4, Career Fairs are great to quickly connect you with a large number of our quality University of Utah students and raise your company profile on campus. With several career and student job fairs held annually, you can easily find an event to suit your recruitment needs. 

Registration for each fair requires a UCareerPath account. Contact our Recruiting Coordinator to enquire about access to UCareerPath.

On-Campus Interviews

Easily connect with students through on-campus interviews. This allows you to maxi¬≠mize your recruiting efforts by accommodating the busy academic schedules of students and hosting interviews in the Career Services offices.

Employer Information Sessions

Based on student feedback, we now have a weekly series of Information Sessions called Meet and Eats! Meet and Eats are the perfect place to share your organization's brand, mission, employment opportunities and career paths to our students. We find that our Meet and Eats help increase students' awareness of your organization and, if tied to on-campus interviews, can increase your applicant pool. All we ask from you is a committment to provide the food - hence the Meet and Eat.  

Dates: Select Tuesdays from September - April
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM 
*Alternate dates/times can be determined on an individual basis with our Recruiting Coordinator 

Employer Site Visits

Give students a chance to see what working at your company would actually look like. Site visits allow you to highlight and market your organization by showcasing your strengths in-person.  During the visit, you can choose to highlight various career opportunities, your recruiting processes, offer tours and allow exchanges of information between participants and company employees. We like to limit groups to 15 - 20 students but are happy to work with you on logistics. 

Employer Panels

Participate in an employer panel and help students learn more about your industry and company. Informing students about the many options available to them is one of the best ways to increase the talent pipeline. We offer 5 - 10 panels per semester and are happy to integrate you in the most approporiate one for your industry. 

Employer Mock Interviews

Serve as an interviewer for mock interivews to help students practice and refine their interviewing skills. Mock interviews are a great opportunity for you to provide real job interview experiences and feedback to our students, and it is a great way to promote your organization, increase campus visibility, and cultivate potential future candidates.

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Last Updated: 12/1/16