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The Career & Professional Development Centers the centralized department at the University of Utah charged with educating students and alumni in the discovery and realization of meaningful careers.  Our services develop greater self-understanding, expand awareness of career opportunities, and foster effective job search practices which can be applied throughout a lifetime.  We bridge the world of work for students/alumni by building relationships with a variety of employers in a diverse and dynamic workplace.


Students Create a world where all students see the tangible future because they understand and engage in the career planning process - early and often. 
Alumni Create a lifetime relationship of connectedness to the University of Utah from alumni and the community. 
Employers To be the premier collegiate recruiting destination for employers who offer quality opportunities for our students and alumni. 
Academic Partners Create a career culture at the University of Utah where every faculty and staff member engages in career development.

Imagine U, Then Do

"The University of Utah provides a unique environment that allows students to imagine possibilities and create their futures. Experiential learning occurs through collaboration with the world’s foremost teachers and researchers.  The resulting transformation produces graduates who are passionate and engaged in their fields and ready to meet the challenges of the workforce with practical knowledge as well as the ability to innovate. It is understandable why University of Utah students have a legacy of building extraordinary careers, and in some cases, literally changing the world."
– President David W. Pershing, The University of Utah
Last Updated: 8/15/17