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Career Ambassadors

Our Mission

We represent and advocate on behalf of you, our fellow students, to promote the Career & Professional Development Center and your professional development. We strive to connect you to employment and campus involvement opportunities through outreach to students, employers, and campus organizations.


  • Acquire strong professional development skills including, resume writing, job/internship searching, graduate school preparedness, interviewing, and career exploration
  • Engage in career preparedness, peer mentoring, event management and leadership opportunities, that support academic, career and personal growth
  • Network with employers, alumni, and academic partners to help build and maintain connections for future professional opportunities

What We Do

Workshop Presentations

Career Conference

Suit Up



Meet The Team

Amy Yu

Colby Judd

Danielle Martinez

Danika Li

Derek Eyre

Ellie Hanson

Krista Chaska

Melissa DeAnda

Micahela Stranski

Nate Curtis

Rusty Griggs


Last Updated: 8/16/17