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Sample Information Interview Questions


  • What career path did YOU follow to your present position?
  • What are the most important personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions connected with your job?
  • If you were a college student again, what would you do differently to prepare for this job?


  • What can you tell me about your organization's corporate culture?
  • Which organizations outside your own do you consider to be especially well run? Where else would you recommend I investigate?


  • What are the typical entry-level job titles and functions in this field?
  • What is a typical career path in this field? What are some paths that people have followed that are completely atypical?
  • What skills, licenses, certifications and experiences are especially valuable in your field?
  • What majors did people in your field pursue?
  • In what ways is your field changing?
  • From everything you've observed, what problems can you cite regarding working in this career?
  • What is the most important thing that someone interested in this field should know?


  • What kinds of things would you recommend I do now to improve my chances of success in your field?
  • What professional journals and publications should I be reading to learn about this career?
  • What should I consider doing that I haven't even thought of?
  • What final advice do you have to offer?
Last Updated: 10/19/16