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Join us for a Career Fair Prep Workshop! 

Career Fair Prep | 02/01/2018 | 1:00-2:00pm or 2:30-3:30pm | SSB 350
Career Fairs can be intimidating and nerve-wracking.  Feel confident at the fair by joining us at the Career Fair Prep workshop to learn about 
what to expect at the fair, strategies on how to be successful, how to network with employers, and organizations relevant to your industries.

7 Steps to Prepare for the Career Fair

  1. Do your research!
    • Use the Utah Career Fair Plus app to see who is attending the fair!
    • View the introduction videos of various employers before attending the fair.
    • Identify which companies you are most interested in and learn about their company culture, mission, and opportunities available.
    • Use as many resources as you can including: their website, Handshake, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and your network.
  2. Have an elevator pitch prepared.

Get a good start with the elements below (adapt/rephrase to make it yours):

"Hello, I’m ________________________. I am completing a ______ in _______________________, and my main focus/ interest/experience is ____________________________________."

Based on your research, make it a dialogue - the way to be interesting is to be interested!

"I’d like to know what makes your work most interesting, and most challenging."
"What particular skills and qualities do you look for in your team?"

  1. Dress the part.
    • Suit: Wear a two-piece matching suit in navy, dark grey, or black. A pant or skirt/blazer combination is also an appropriate option. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, wear hosiery in neutral or sheer shades.
    • Shirt: A long-sleeve, collared, button-down shirt with a tie is appropriate. For those who prefer a blouse, knit sweater, or shell, those are also appropriate.
    • Shoes & Socks: Match your belt to your shoes. Wear dark colored socks and professional business shoes, professional-looking heels (low enough for you to be comfortable), or flats.
    • Grooming: Jewelry, accessories, and make-up should be minimal and professional. Avoid perfumes or colognes. Fingernails should be clean and tidy, with any polish in a neutral color. Hair should be neat and persons with facial hair should be clean shaven or have well-groomed facial hair (that means tidying up that man-bun!).
    • Never wear: Shorts, sandals, t-shirts, miniskirts, low-cut blouses, leggings, excessively large jewelry, platform heels, clown wigs, or fake antlers.
  2. Bring updated copies of your resume.
    • Utilize the Career & Professional Development Center to make sure you are presenting yourself well in your resume.
    • Hand out resumes to recruiters even if you have already applied online.
    • Have a padfolio or pad of paper to take notes or a folder to hold resumes.
  3. Be professional and courteous.
    • Always be polite; you never know who might be listening and who they might know.
    • Use active listening.
    • Be respectful of recruiters' time. Ask how you should follow up.
    • Be mindful of what you bring to the fair – no headphones, food, backpacks/bulky bags, or parents.
  4. Keep an open mind!
    • Keep an open mind towards other companies. You never know what opportunities await!
  5. Follow-up
    • Retrieve business cards and write a quick note on them so you remember who you talked to and what you spoke about.
    • When emailing a thank you, also attach a copy of your resume and personalize the note.

Upcoming Career Fairs

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Union Ballroom

Fall 2018 All Campus Career Fair

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Union Ballroom

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